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Most facial oils on the market have cheap filler oils, this, does not.

Olive derived squalene, plush pomegranate seed oil, wild watermelon seed oil and sea buckthorn seed oil help nourish, protect and support the skin. This blend is non-comedogenic, full of antioxidants, skin-loving fatty acids and is suitable for all skin types. Particularly wonderful for “mature” skin, where wrinkles, lines and dryness need support.

This blend contains oils of jasmine grandiflorum, neroli (orange blossom) and sandalwood.

3-4 drops is all you need, a little goes a very long way! This blends perfectly with Moon Dew for incredible hydration.

Curious how to use this product? Check out the guide, here.

.5oz glass bottle.

Ingredients: squalene, pomegranate seed oil, wild watermelon seed oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, essential oils

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Murphy
I really glow!

This Luminous Glow oil is amazing. Very light, and is absorbed quickly. A little goes a long way and it really does make my skin literally glow. I use it with the Moon Dew hyaluronic acid, and my aging dry skin is so very happy. Highly recommend!

First Time Trying Facial Oil

Luminous Glow is the first facial oil I’ve ever tried, and now it will be the only one I ever use - I love it and have no need to look elsewhere! I put a few drops on after using Moon Dew and my face literally lights up. It smells great and a little really does go a long way. I slap on a little SPF before heading out the door and that’s all I need. My skin feels better, looks better, and I know exactly what’s going on my face.

Best face oil

I have combination skin along with seborrheic dermatitis so my skin is very fussy about what it likes/needs. This in combination with the Moon Dew (which I've been using for years) is the final piece of the puzzle for my skin care routine! Light but very moisturizing, and gives my skin a really nice glow. Highly recommend! I use this after applying toner and mix 3-4 drops of it with 5 drops of Moon Dew before applying to my skin.

My favorite primer

This oil is MAGICAL. I apply two or three drops, it goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and is not greasy whatsoever. This leaves a velvety smooth finish, with a subtle glow. I apply this oil after Moon Dew, and follow with my daily makeup routine.
Luminous Glow has replaced the big name primers I've used, it's so much better!
I've noticed being able to use less concealer and foundation, plus smaller pores (which has been a big problem for me for years).
Your skin will love it, you will not be disappointed!

Don't be afraid of face oils

My pores are big AF. I feel like I've tried so many things to moisturize but not clog and oils have always been sus...but this is light, smells great, and doesn't make you look greasy! Yes, there's a glow, but we want that. If you don't, just use at night. 10/10