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Hand-dipped Incense

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High-quality black charcoal based incense sticks are hand dipped in high quality essential oils, non-toxic fragrance compounds, absolutes and resins. Each fragrance blend is handmade in house. 

  • Warm Amber, a soft golden amber accord anchored in resins and musk. 
  • Red Frankincense, a blend of dragons blood and Somalian frankincense. Contains true dragons blood resin.
  • Spaced Out, sweet Bulgarian lavender, amber and nag champa.
  • Ponderosa, notes include dried vanilla bean husk, fossilized amber, ponderosa pine cone essential oil and a secret gentle spice blend.


  • Yeti Fur, a little feral. Oud, tonka, animalic musk, and a frosty accord. 
  • Midwinter Forest Light, I am so pleased with this beauty of a fragrance. Pine, fresh green fir needles, juniper betters, citrus peel, and frankincense. 

Each bag contains 10, 11 inch sticks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jacqueline L Glimp
In love with this beautiful fragrance

Bought a few scents, including spaced out, midwinter light, and yeti fur… and these incenses, in addition to being so well made, SMELL DELICIOUS! I lit a stick of the Yeti fur and immediately hopped onto this site to buy a few more packs. It’s that good. I’m delighted to be able to purchase such a lovely product from a woman (and witch) owned business <3


Such a rich scent, love these!

Quality burn and delightful scents!

These burn well and slow. You can tell they are quality fragrances as they are potent and pure without being too perfume-like.

Mary Good
Can I be dipped in this incense?

Because it’s THAT good. I am very picky about my fragrances, especially incense, and this one checks all the boxes and then some. Smells amazing out of the package and all the way through the burn and after, with a yummy lingering scent into the next day. Highly recommend

Marianne Gatlin
Well made but too fragrant for me

I got the Pumpkin Sandalwood and Autumnal Golden Hour. They smell wonderful and just like the descriptions. I was amazed at how I could smell leaves in the Autumnal Golden Hour! However, I can't use them. I can't remember if they're made with fragrance oils as opposed to essential oils - I knew there was a possibility I couldn't use them. I'm incredibly sensitive to scents but I wanted to give them a go. Though I can't use them, I will gift them to someone who can.