Hand-dipped Incense

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High-quality black charcoal based incense sticks are hand dipped in high quality essential oils, non-toxic fragrance compounds, absolutes and resins. Each fragrance blend is handmade in house. 

  • Warm Amber, a soft golden amber accord anchored in resins and musk. 
  • Red Frankincense, a blend of dragons blood and Somalian frankincense. Contains true dragons blood resin.
  • Western Red Cedar, heartwood and leaf of western red cedar along with vetiver and sandalwood.
  • Dark Moon Spring, a deep floral blend of ylang-ylang, rose geranium and narcissus. 

Each bag contains 10, 11 inch sticks. 

Customer Reviews

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atmospheric bliss.

i purchased three of the four scents offered- "Red Frankincense", "Western Red Cedar" and "Warm Amber". i did not purchase "Dark Moon Spring" because i'm not fan of floral scents, but after burning the three i bought i wish i had! impression of all three is that they burn clean, last a good amount of time and the scent fills the room without smoking you out. individually, out of the three, Red Frankincense is my favorite. the combination of dragon's blood resin and frankincense is incredible. it's a deep, resin-y scent that i enjoy burning when i'm doing tarot pulls. Warm Amber is my second favorite, it is a very sensual scent that i light when setting a mood for pleasure. i would buy Warm Amber as a perfume in a heartbeat, i wish i could bathe in it, haha. thirdly, Western Red Cedar is reminiscent of hiking in the forest- it's woodsy, green and has a delightful petrichor-ness to it, which i'm pretty sure is the vetiver. swoon! all in all, i would repurchase in a heartbeat, and i think when it's back in stock i will try the Dark Moon Spring even.


Love the products, and I'm thrilled at the addition of incense. Thank you!