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I'm Britton, the person behind the scenes here. I am an animist, witch, writer, tarot reader, potion maker and herbalist residing in the high desert mountains of so called Northeastern Oregon — which is the traditional territory of the Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla and Northern Paiute people. In my practice, I cultivate a relationship to the land and its inhabitants and I inform my work and practice from this deep listening. 

Blood Moon Botanica was born during a lunar eclipse in 2016. The aim of my shop and creations is that they contribute to your wellbeing and connection to self and land. Many of the items that I make are influenced by the space and land I inhabit. There are tinctures and herbal preparations that I glean from the wild and from local farms in my region, but also make skin care products, perfumes, and spiritual anointing oils, which you will find here.

On my personal website you can find my writing. You can get in contact with me here and follow me on Instagram for the latest in my little world.

Thanks for being here and supporting my shop.