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Moon Dew Serum & Luminous Glow Oil

Moon Dew

So you've gotten yourself a bottle of Moon Dew and you're wondering how best to use it. This guide is here to help. You can read the product description here for more info on what it does and how it works. Here, we're going to discuss how to use it.

Moon Dew is quite liquid, so you'll want to dispense it into the palm of your hand. Starting with a clean face, or a fresh morning face, drop about a nickel sized amount into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and gently apply to the face in upward motions.

I personally like to use this just after I wash my face and follow with a moisturizer. Alternatively, add a few drops to a moisturizer to make it a little extra hydrating.

You can also add a few drops in the palm of your hand with a favorite facial oil, like Luminous Glow.

Moon Dew works really well before applying makeup. I feel it helps pump the skin and makes application a little better. I wouldn't suggest applying this over makeup.

You can use Moon Dew at any time of the day on a fresh and clean face.

Luminous Glow Oil

Storing your oil in the fridge will promote a longer shelf life.

This rich oil can replace conventional moisturizers, or boost them. Add 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand and massage into a clean face just after you've washed it (or after you've applied Moon Dew). You really don't need a lot of oil here, and a little goes a long way. To boost a moisturizer you already have, use 1-2 drops and rub together in the palm of your hand before applying.

Alternatively you can add a few drops in the palm of your hand, along with a few drops of Moon Dew to create an emulsion and a fantastic water and oil moisturizer. 

Avoid contact with the eyes. 

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