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I cannot sing enough praises for yarrow essence in any incarnation!

Yarrow help create a protective energetic boundary around us when we feel very permeable to outside influence. Obsidian added to this adds in an extra layer of protection.

This is the essence I suggest to most of my clients who deal with difficult work place situations, feeling highly sensitive and for those who feel they often take on the energies of another place or person. This is also a wonderful essence for those who do intense energy work, or for tarot readers.

Yarrow flower essence can help you face situations knowing you’re holding an energetic boundary. It allows you to engage, without being “sapped” or burdened.

Yarrow allows you to show up, be compassionate and move along.

Presented in a 1/2oz bottle with a hand-painted label.

Ingredients: brandy, mountain spring water, sun and yarrow flower essence

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Jed Brown
Yarrow obsidian flower essence

Feel the strength when you need to stand strong and set your feet Britton has done it again amazing as always

Absolutely fantastic

I’m a mental health provider and this was really helpful for me to use when I saw my clients. Whether you wanna say it’s spicy psychology or not, I felt it work for me in its intended purpose. I am able to have detached empathy but with the oil it felt easier to lean in to that. I use it for the back of my neck so I don’t smell it necessarily but it has helped me.

Emily McDevitt

I’ve been using this essence the entirely of going through my breakup. And I definitely notice when I use it or not. I’m an extremely sensitive person, and boundaries are hard for me. I’m thankful to have this in my to box when I need some extra help.

Boundary support

I’m a tarot reader and pretty hard core empath and I’ve had to deal with a boundary issue that’s been bothering me a lot. Today I set a very solid boundary and I appreciate the help this essence gives.