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Spring Sensory Box

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    Three boxes to choose from! Please view the images for what each box will contain.

    These boxes will ship separately if you order additional items.

    Details of each item, are below.
    • Narcissus & Nag Champa incense, an intoxicating blend of wet narcissus blooms and swirling nag champa. (Full sized boxes 10 sticks, and mini box 5 sticks)
    • Awaken Orbital Eye Oil, a rich blend of coffee infused oil, bakuchi oil known to stimulate collagen production, cucumber seed oil, plush pomegranate seed oil, date extract and coenzyme Q10 - all known to support skin. (Full sized boxes and mini box)
    • Fairy Slipper perfume oil, this little orchid lies close to the moss covered ground in the Pacific Northwest in early spring. To inhale its delicate perfume, you must bring your face close to the ground. Rich earth, damp moss, roots and entangled life merge with subtle notes of lavender and jasmine. (Full sized boxes 6ml, and 2ml perfume for mini box)
    • Strawberry & Lavender Tallow and Calendula infused Lip Balm. Grassfed beef tallow, calendula infused oil for soothing, naturally humectant organic olive oil and beeswax for a nourishing and soothing balm. Lightly scented with sweet spring strawberries and a touch of lavender (Full sized boxes and mini box)
    • Chickweed & Oatmilk Soap, a soap long in the making. Olive oil infusion of fresh spring chickweed saponified with chickweed tea, grass fed beef tallow, shea, and castor oils to make a bubbly bar. An addition of homemade organic oatmilk boosts skin soothing. Scented lightly with dandelion greens and parsley. (Full sized box, with soap)

    Customer Reviews

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    Omg the perfume

    To be completely honest I ordered this box for the soap. I have been waiting and waiting for this soap since Britton teased in on IG months ago. And I love the soap but let me tell you what I loved more... The Fairy Slipper perfume. Omg that one was a most delightful surprise. I am so obsessed with it. It's beautiful and earthy and just the right amount of floral. The lip balm is wonderful as well, it makes my lips soft and it smells great. I love the zing of coffee in the eye oil. The incense wasn't for me but the overall value of the box was well worth it. I can't wait for the next one.

    Treat for the senses

    This box really was a treat for the senses. The incense sticks are beautifully crafted and smell divine straight out of the package. The orbital eye oil is hydrating and smells faintly of coffee, which I love! I used the chickweed soap last night and while the scent is very light, it was pleasantly herby and made my skin soft, plus the lather was amazing. The lip balm feels great and smells awesome. My favorite is the fairy slipper perfume. Oh my gosh, it's so earthy and slightly floral and damp and mossy and gorgeous. Like exploring a secluded forest on a dark misty day. I'm obsessed with it. Can't wait for the next season's box. Maybe these could be a subscription also?

    Lily Peacock
    Amazing scents, high quality

    I love the Fairy Slipper perfume, so evocative and it lingers for many hours, blooms on the skin in such a lovely way. I love the tallow lip balm, it keeps my lips moisturized way better than any other lip product I have used. I haven't used the eye oil yet, but I know it's gonna be a winner. The incense is bomb too, each stick burns for quite a long time. Overall epic box of offerings from my favorite perfume maker, and the quality of everything is top notch.