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Sign of the Lilac

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Wet lilacs, white tea, white amber and guiacwood.


6ml glass bottle, or a 1.5ml sample vial.

Ingredients: Essential oils, fragrance oil, sunflower oil.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Lamb
Smells exactly like Lilac

I was very surprised, since Lilac is difficult a scent to collect and maintain, that this perfume smelled EXACTLY like my favorite Lilac hedges in my yard. Lilac has such a short flowering season, and I am so pleased to be able to smell like my favorite flower all year round!

Jessica M.
A 100% true wet lilac scent

I had been shopping around for a true lilac perfume for a little over a year, but I ultimately held out for Sign of the Lilac to restock because I had such a good feeling about it. I'm so glad I did, because Britton's blend is absolutely gorgeous. The way lilacs smell fresh from the rain is what I was after (chasing the memory of our lilac bush from my childhood home), and this perfume nails that wet lilac note perfectly.

Just like the real thing

I'm generally not a fan of lilac scents as they often smell rather artificial or overpowering, but this perfume has so perfectly captured the essence of the flower itself. It's like walking through a lilac bush-lined path in spring. I'm doing my best to save what I have left to use in the winter months.

Springtime in a bottle

Light and refreshing. This perfume oil lifts my mood. I am especially looking forward to wearing it in the depths of winter when I can't take one more cold dark day to remind me that spring will come again.