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Rose Gold Velvet

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A sumptuous blend of red dragons blood resin, golden amber, cream, shimmering frankincense and soft rose petals.


This deep fragrance smells true to description and wears for a long time. It sits quite close to the skin and amplifies when warm. The rose in this is not strong, and quite subtle with fruity boozy notes. Smells stronger on skin than in the bottle.

6ml glass bottle with a hand-painted label, or a 1.5ml sample vial.

Ingredients: Essential oils, fragrance oil, sunflower oil.

Customer Reviews

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Alli Rosen
Rose Gold Velvet

This is the only perfume I like to wear. I think this is my 3-4th bottle. It’s really lovely, warm, unique and sexy. I mix a couple drops with the Moon Dew and Luminous Glow oils for a decadent evening skin care routine.

Cassandra Veloz

Rose Gold Velvet

Mary Ellen Martens

This warm floral makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a beautiful velvet shawl.

Jennifer Gardner
This is my go-to smell

I love this scent. It's soft, comforting, and nostalgic, with a little hit of spice. I wear it every day.

Sophia Pastore
Sensual and fun

This scent is warm, full and sexy. I love how I feel when I wear it! It is stronger, muskier and more long wearing than the other BMB scents I’ve tried.