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*REFORMULATED* It's very, very close to the original!

Have you ever walked through a ponderosa forest? In high summer, rays of the sun heat up the trunks of these magnificent pines and generate a unique fragrance that swirls around you. A strange blend of pine resin, vanilla, and softs hints of spice. Another interesting feature of these trees is that if you get close and smell their bark, you also get this lovely vanilla spice fragrance. It's like warm butterscotch, soft hints of spice, and deep pine resin.

Ponderosa is a perfumed dream long in the making. 

Notes include dried vanilla bean husk, fossilized amber, ponderosa pine cone essential oil and a secret gentle spice blend.

The wear of this perfume starts with strong dried vanilla, gentle pine resin notes, soft spices and the faintest hint of smoke from the fossilized amber resin. This fragrance rests close to the skin and radiates outward with warmth. 

Comes in a 6ml full size bottle and 1.5ml sample vials.

Customer Reviews

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Christina McCarthy
Autumn Dreams🥹

A gorgeous blend of sweet, spice, and earth. Intoxicating. Absolutely love it!

Faith Hark

Love this fragrance. Just a balanced blend of earthy, spicy and sweet. Wear it everyday.

Ponderosa is everything

I am not much of a perfume person but I am obsessed with the ponderosa perfume!! I only bought a sample to try and I am regretting not buying the larger bottle. Please make more!!!!!

Stacey Hunt
Magick in a bottle.

Absolutely amazing

Sanyu Estelle

I had a feeling about this scent and I was right. It is fresh, but with sweet sticky notes. Kind of like apple cider with cinnamon. A little or a lot, it wears well!