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Spiritual & Tarot Oils


Spiritual, or "condition" oils are oils that are made with magical intention and the energy of a specific purpose imbued into them. This usually happens through the corresponding herbs, essential oils and extracts that go into the oil itself. Then, usually there is prayer, or a charging of the oils to its intended purpose by the maker. My oils are made by blending essential oils first, allowing them to marry over a period of time, then are diluted with sunflower oil. From there I individually pour each bottle and add in herbs if the formula requires it. Prayers and charging the oils wraps up the creation process. Then they are ready for use.  

Above all, use your intuition when it comes to using spiritual oils. However, we'll discuss some ways that you can utilize them in your spiritual practice.


Perfume goes well beyond just smelling good. It boosts our confidence and can attract/repel what we want. Perfume and fragrance also stimulates the olfactory sense which can trigger memory or pull us into a state of mind, and sometimes trance. Tarot oils can be very useful for this. If you're working with a particular card, you might wear the oil as a perfume to carry the vibration of the card with you and imbue yourself with that quality. 

Candle Magic

When doing candle magic, often times the practitioner will "dress" their candles with corresponding oils to their magical purpose. So say for example, you're working a green candle for money magic, you'd apply money magic oil to the candle in an upward motion to draw the money towards you. For a reversal candle, or repelling work, you'd apply the oil in a downward motion to move the energy away from you.

7 day, or novena candles can also be dressed with oil by poking a few holes at the top of the candle and lightly (by lightly I mean 3-4 drops) drizzle some oil to fill the holes. You want to be careful here not to overload your candle with oil because this can create a fire hazard. Always be mindful of how you burn your candles and do so in a safe place, away from pets, children and such like. Always keep an eye on a burning candle. 

Anointing Objects

A favorite stone, wand, statue, a charm bag, ward or tool can also be dressed and anointed with oils. This is really only limited by your imagination. Put a few drops of oil in your hand and apply to the object while charging it with the energy of your purpose.

Anointing a space

Doors, knobs, windows can all be dressed with oils to add layers of protection or whatever quality you're needing at that time. I like to dab a paper towel or cloth with the oil and rub spaces down, while praying aloud my intention.

Anointing yourself or another

Like perfume, you can anoint yourself with an oil. I particularly like to do this after I have done a cleansing bath. I will use a few drops of my oil of choice into my hand, and use a little lotion along with it, and anoint my whole body. Oils useful for work like this can be attraction oils, money oil, blessing, etc. Oils can also be applied to the head and hair. Go lightly and use only a few drops, rubbing them between your hands and sweeping them through your hair. 

To anoint another, obviously have their permission to do so. Apply a few drops to the hands and sweep it over their body. Upwards to draw something in, and downwards to repel. 

Washes & Sprays

A very fun way to use oils is in floor washes (aka as mopping) and general house hold cleaners. Add a few drops to your floor wash or in a spray bottle with some soapy water and you can double up your cleansing efforts. I also enjoy the use of a "finishing" spray with blessing oil and an herbal tea that's been poured into a spray bottle to spritz walls and such like. 

Oils can also be used in bath water. Be sure to dilute, dilute! I like to mix a little of a spiritual oil along with some olive oil into a bowl of epsom salts to create a bath soak. Be careful when using oils in the tub or shower because it can make things slick. 

Curious to know more about this topic? Check out my podcast that I co-host with J. Allen Cross on our Everyday Magic episode. Or our episode on Magical Baths. 

Petitions & Papers

A petition paper is exactly what it sounds like, it's what your petitioning for in your magical work. Papers can be anointed in a 5 spot pattern, one dab of oil at each corner and at the center of the paper, or a 4 spot pattern at each corner. Papers can be used in charm bags as well.

Wanna learn more about folk magic and how to do it? Please check out the Invoking Witchcraft podcast hosted by J. Allen Cross and I. You can find us on all podcast streaming services.